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Agile software development

Agile software design processes follow a company's business strategy on its heels, fast and swift. This approach stands out against one-off large-scale projects that are supposed to fulfil a business wish at delivery, but often run miles behind on an abandoned road. The agile way provides short cycles with instant feedback, customer interaction and flexible modalities to pivot and adjust gears on short notice when necessary.

AI strategy

Artificial Intelligence as an emerging technology is just showing a glimpse today of what will be possible soon. We believe that the sweet spot for realizing truly intelligent AI systems will be where deep learning and computational neuroscience meet. But we're not there yet.

In the meantime, the practical applications of deep learning networks grow steadily and put AI in the driving seat for shaping a smarter world. We contribute to this vision by building applications for detecting human distress situations. With an eye on personal privacy and keeping humans in the loop when making important decisions, we can establish a safer society in a responsible manner.

Cloud computing

Distributed cloud computing forms the basis for any large IT ecosystem. Making the right architectural decisions early on is one of the most important choices to be made in any software project. A solid architecture allows for flexible scaling "up" and "out" while safeguarding the transactional aspects of the overall system. We have years of experience in general distributed computing principles and the mainstream distributed software architectures.

Internet of Things

We consider the use of embedded connected devices in the vision of the Internet of Things as a key provider for Big Data systems. As such, it is an important enabler for the large amounts of data needed to train Deep Learning applications. This AI enabling technology will boost to its full potential as 5G networks are joining the global wireless ecosystem. It connects our competences in distributed computing to our AI strategy.