Our team

Peter Rigole

Peter has a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. degree in Engineering, specialized in distributed systems, started his first startup in 2008 and has done lots of consultancy work on building advanced distributed applications in his role as Solution Architect. His enthusiasm for Machine Learning, an central topic in this Ph.D., always motivated him to push the boundaries of what software is capable of. Deep Learning has opened an unlimited range of new possibilities of which we're just seeing the early beginning today. Peter is seeking to tackle challenges in this domain that can alter our society in a positive way.

Hamed Mirghasemi

Hamed has a Ph.D degree in Communication Engineering from Telecom ParisTech. His research interests include distributed learning/inference in wireless communication networks and machine learning applications for signal processing. Since 2006, he has published several papers on different topics such as machine learning applications in biomedical signal processing, mathematical modeling of distributed wireless communication systems and optimal resource management of wireless communication systems for distributed AI applications. He believes that AI can empower us by pushing back the frontiers of technology which will improve our lives.

Alex Kamovitch

Alex has a M. Sc. in Telecommunication Engineering and made Ph.D research in Computer Vision. Have extensive work experience in promoting technology for corporate clients, having worked in large corporations across multiple countries. His particular passion is in Machine Learning where he has demonstrated this through participation in Kaggle competitions with impressive results. He believes that by harnessing the power of Machine Learning, we can make it easier for people to solve everyday problems and improve their quality of life.